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Horseback riding Center

In the beautiful area of Crest, between Vercors and Drôme Provençale,
our center propose various ways of trekking for all levels and liking !

Beginners are welcome, and kids can participate from the age of 6 years old.

We propose various ways of trekking for all levels and liking ! 
Every trekks are limited to 8 persons maximum, for a good guidance and a maximal security.
With our calm and wilful horses and ponys, you will cross over forest, lavender fields,
 travel along wild spaces of pre-Alpes and will enjoy beautiful views on the Synclinal of Saou forest, Tower of Crest and Vercors...

Contact us : +336 50 85 71 62

A horseback riding is an original gift : give our "ride coupons" to  please people around you ! 


Trekk of 1h (25 €)

Trekk of 1h30 (35 €)

Botanical walk (40 €)
Your guide will learn you all about local plants
and the medicinal way to use it.

Trekk of 2h (40 €)

Trekk of 3h (55 €)

One day trekk (80 €)
Hauts de Divajeu, Rochecolombe
(+12 € for the lunch)


If you want keep a little souvenir of this equestrian time,
we propose to get some photographies of your trekk,
so we can after send it to you by e-mail.


To book your trekks :

Choose of your trekk
Date of the trekk

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